Cheyenne Moore

Intellectual Properties, Social Media Co-Director & CFO

Cheyenne is an avid illustrator, character designer, and flash animator.

She has been an import addition to HMS for the last 9 years. Since then she she has created HMS’ first IP, “Sachimo Tales,” as well as designed and illustrated all of the characters.

Her work can also be seen at the Disney theme parks. These include costume pieces for Disney’s walk around pirates and Barbosa’s lapel buttons in the attraction.

She currently is the Co-Director of HMS’ social media content and works as a freelance illustrator.

Expertise Includes:
  • Drawing
  • Animation
  • Sewing
  • Character Design
  • Character Development
  • Poster Design
  • Illustrator
  • Writer
  • Set Demolition
  • Aesthetic Specialist

Contact Information

(818) 764-6151