Andrea Davis

Couture Costumes and Props

Andrea Davis is a costume designer and prop maker living in Burbank, CA.

Andrea started creating and designing costumes from a very early age and has been pursuing that vision for most of her life. She has a degree in Fashion Design, is a La Cordon Bleu trained chef, and can wield a nail gun just as well as tame the wiley sewing pattern.

She has built sets and displays and made wardrobe for; the Pageant of the Masters, Proscenery, Nordstrom stores and the Labyrinth of Jareth. She has also crafted numerous costumes, accessories, props and set pieces for client commissions.

Her work can be seen on: Star Trek: Voyager, DS9, Enterprise, Insurrection, First Contact, Star Trek 2009, Miracles, Dexter, Real Heroes L.A., The Inspector web series, Big Bang Theory, AXE Apollo Astronaut commercials, Raising Hope and Justified.

She has worked with the award winning food stylist, Bonnie Belknap of Gourmet Proppers, on Friends, House, Moonlight, The Bernie Mac Show, CSI: New York, Freaky Friday (2003), The Bold and the Beautiful, Hotel for Dogs and Six Feet Under.

She is a four time Best in Show winner of the San Diego Comic Con International Masquerade contest.

She has been the workmanship judge for the Wonder Con Masquerade since 2010 and a workmanship judge for the San Diego Comic Con International Masquerade in 2015.

She has been a panelist at San Diego Comic Con International, Comikaze and BentCon, where she has shared her knowledge of stage presentation, costuming and what makes an award winning costume.

She continues to improve her skills by taking all kinds of sewing construction courses, leaning how to use new tools (like that damn embroidery machine), and working with prop makers, FX and wardrobe specialists. Current member of the Costumer’s Guild West, who produce Costume College; an annual, three day costuming arts conference.

Expertise Includes:
  • Costume Fabrication
  • On Set Costumer
  • Costume Design
  • Prop Fabrication
  • Set Construction
  • Set Dressing
  • Specialty Wardrobe Maker
  • Fabric Dying & Aging
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Prop Design
  • Food Styling
  • Scenic Painting
  • Sewing
  • Pattern Making
  • Resin Casting
  • Back drop and Set Piece Fabrication

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